Guiding Principles

The success of our 4 P's is driven by a commitment to the company's six Guiding Principles

​Culture of investment performance – support a rigorous investment and risk management process that focuses on long-term results, strong execution, consistency, and transparency, with personal accountability and alignment
Client stewardship – place our clients’ needs before our own; strive to partner with them as a fiduciary and trusted advisor; embrace that their success is our success
​Operational excellence and teamwork – ensure strong financial controls to intelligently invest in our business and execute efficiently, coupled with collaborating and communicating as “one firm”
​Growth – organically grow existing capabilities and investor relationships and develop new clients to increase market share, coupled with strategic growth to develop new businesses through acquisition
​Strong leadership and management – communicate a clear strategy, goals and a plan to succeed; create standards and accountability that build an exceptional culture and platform to consistently outperform
Citizenship – strive corporately and personally to sustain a culture with integrity and character exhibited by consistent behavior within our firm, our industry and our communities