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The U.S. Election – Observations and Real Estate Investment Implications
The election of Donald Trump as U.S. president caught most observers by surprise. The markets' subsequent reaction to the election has also been somewhat counterintuitive. It will take months, even years to have clarity as to how the new administration will affect the U.S. economy and commercial real estate investment. But a consensus is now forming as to the likely impacts. In this webcast, Doug Herzbrun, Global Head of Research for CBRE Global Investors, reviews the markets’ post-election reaction and discuss the likely impacts of one-party rule on the U.S. economy. Doug will then highlight the implications for the property markets and real estate investment opportunities.

What Brexit Means for UK Property
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney could not have been any more explicit: Britain faces its biggest domestic risk if it decides to leave the European Union. With the referendum vote set for June 23rd, the risks associated with Brexit are registering with property investors from both near and far. In this webcast, we provide a backdrop to the current debate, present our analysis of the economic implications of a Brexit, make the link to property performance and consider how to position UK portfolios in the event of a possible exit.

U.S. Economy/Office Market Outlook and Opportunities
The U.S. economy and office market are several years into recovery. But the perception remains that these recoveries have been anemic, masking the reality that they have numerous pockets of strength. And, despite continued challenges, these strengths will intensify in coming years. Doug Herzbrun, Global Head of Research, discusses why the U.S. economy is poised to gain traction and review how an increasingly complex office market can yield compelling investment opportunities.

The Return of Europe
Europe is back in the game. In recent months, there’s been a positive shift in sentiment, along with clear indicators that economies from the UK to the Mediterranean are on the mend. These factors are driving a new phase of real estate investment options. Initially driven by a shift in yields, the improvement will be seen in fundamentals. Although investors must be conscious of continued risks, they should also revisit the region’s widening list of opportunities. Andrew Angeli, CBRE Global Investors’ Head of UK Research, and Maarten Jennen, EMEA Investment Analyst, discuss why this is the right time to take a fresh look at Europe.

Mind the Gap: Risks and Opportunities in London Office Investments
The central London office market has been a global investor darling, prized for its transparency, liquidity and “safe haven” status. Today the market is going through profound change with substantial infrastructure initiatives, development schemes in emerging locations and shifting occupier preferences. Andrew Angeli, CBRE Global Investors’ Head of UK Research, discusses the implications of these changes, with a specific focus on the investment opportunities that make sense in this dynamic market.



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